to Life!


If you are looking for someplace to escape from the stress of your life and re-connect with your sense of humor -- a Comedy Workshop is for You! Humor in the Midst comedy workshops will help you find your own comedic voice, learn to let go and let laugh, conquer stage fright, strengthen your immune system and change your outlook. Comedy is not just for comedians anymore! All kinds of regular folk are getting happy by finding the funny in their lives.

Explore your funny bone in a relaxed and judgment-free environment.

Some Benefits from a comedy workout:

  1. BulletPhysical: Strengthens the immune system, improves health & promotes wellness.

  2. BulletMental:  Sharpens the brain, exercises it and keeps it young.

  3. BulletEmotional:  Provides us with perspective on our problems. Makes life enjoyable. Helps us recover from trauma by re-framing.

  4. BulletSpiritual:  Let’s us experience transcendence over events, by laughing at them. Makes us more aware day by day of the world of phenomena and absurdity all around – makes us AWAKEN to life.



NEW WORKSHOP for Beginners and the Comically Curious.

Saturday, April 22, at 9:00 am

at Chester Theatre Group’s Black River Blayhouse in Chester, NJ.

Call to reserve your spot: 908-892-5458.

Next workshop will begin April 22 2017 for Beginners
& Comically Curious

Saturdays 9:00 am to 10:30 am

6 weeks just $125

at Chester Theatre Group’s

Black River Playhouse

To book Kate Lyn or The Uncommon Comedy Co.
or to register for a workshop
call: 908-892-5458 or e-mail